Grading Policy

★ Please notice of this grading first before you are placing order.

The grading is in description of each products. The sleeve is the record jacket, and the media is the vinyl condition. The record condition can be found on [side A / side B] for single LP and 12" or 7" single, [side A / side B / side C / side D] for double LP. An abbreviations are listed next to grading code. Please don’t hesitate to email us, if you have any question or would like to know more specific detail of the recod condition. We will let you know the detail after double checked condition. Our collection of grading is basically checked very strict, however the condition is different from each pressed country. As you may know if the pressed from south American or east Europe, the mint record has surface noise a bit sometime.

- Media (vinyl) -

SEALED New, still sealed, Has never been played.
M Like new, include dead stock and opened shrink-wrap with unplayed.
NM Nearly perfect, has not surface noise, hairlines and any other marked.
NM- A grading bit down from NM, however plays still perfect copy.
EX+ Slightly light marks(hairlines and any other marked), it does not affect noise and without the problem for play at all.
EX Slightly has surface noise from light marks, however do not much affect sound.
EX- A grading bit down from EX, but still nice copy.
VG+ A few light hairlines, it has surface noise and click noise a bit.
VG A few scratches, it has surface noise and click noise. But still no needle jumping.
VG- A grading bit down from VG.
G+ Has loud noise from deep scratches.
G Worst condition. Has needle jumping from deep scratches and any visible noise.

★ The SEALED item does not check the condition, so we could not accept any scratches, noise, curve and any pressing problems after shipped. We will open the shrink before shipped, if you want.

- sleeve (cover) -

SEALED Still in shrink and has never been opened.
M Like new.
NM Close to mint copy.
NM- A grading bit down from NM, however still nice condition.
EX+ Looks clean, but look somewhat used.
EX It looks normal second hand jacket condition.
EX- A grading bit down from EX.
VG+ Split on seems and ring wear. Teared seems and cover.
VG Over half of split on seems and ring wear. Scratches and steins on cover.
VG- A grading bit down from VG.
G+ A lot of scratches, spots, steins and molds. Also has ¾ split seems.
G Worst condition, it looks not Jacket.

other abbreviations -

CC Corner cut
CO Corner out
DH Drill Hole
PCOH Punch Hole
PROMO Promotional copy
IN SHRINK Still in shrink wrap
DJS Promotional stamp & sticker on cover
RW Ring Wear
SOC Sticker on cover
SPSE Sprit on seems
TEOC Tear on cover & seems
TOC Tape on cover
FOC Fade color on cover
MOC Yellow molds on cover
WD Water damage
WC Writing on cover